Aluminum Wheel Polishing in Jacksonville, FL

Expediters Services offers wheel polishing services in Jacksonville, FL. Our top-notch wheel polishing machine that brings your rims back to life. This wheel polishing machine allows us to provide efficient and thorough polishing services. Interested in getting your wheels polished? Call or visit our local shop today. Polishing your wheels regularly is beneficial to drivers and fleets.

Our VIS-Polish Wheel Polishing System

Expediters Services owns and operates a VIS-Polish polishing system. Known for its accuracy, speed, and versatility, this machine is the best in its class. Used across the United States and trusted by dealerships everywhere to restore wheels. Allow us to help increase the value of your truck and prevent future damage with this amazing machine.

Benefits of Fleet Wheel Polishing

Wheel polishing is important for all vehicles, especially large trucks and fleets. Get your wheels polished regularly to protect yourself and other drivers. Plus, wheel polishing protects your fleet from future defects. The benefits of wheel polishing include the following:

  • Your truck will look clean and maintained 
  • Increases safety for you and other drivers 
  • Any defects in wheels can be found sooner
  • Increases resell value 
  • Lower cost of future wheel maintenance 
  • Easier inspections 
  • Less frequent stops by DOT 
  • Retain proper torque 

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