Storage Trailer Rentals in Jacksonville, FL

Do you need extra space for on-site storage? You need a convenient storage rental trailer that you can load and have access to. Expediters Services of Jacksonville, FL has a selection of storage road trailers for your storage needs. Our storage trailers come in a variety of sizes and affordable prices. Call us today or visit our lot to get your storage trailer rental.

Our Storage Road Trailer Sizes

Storage Road Trailer 28'

External Dimensions
28' H x 8'/8'6" W x 12'6"/ 13'6" H
Internal Dimensions
27'6" H x 7'8"/ 8'2" W x 8'/9'2" H

Storage Road Trailer 48'

External Dimensions
48'H x 8'6 W x 13'6" H
Internal Dimensions
47'6" H x 8'2" W x 8'10" /9'2" H

Storage Road Trailer 53'

External Dimensions
53' H x 8'6" W x 13'6" H
Internal Dimensions
52' 6" H X 8'2" W x8'10" /9'2" H

Other solutions are available. Please call us for more information.

Short Term Storage Rental Options

Expediters Services offers convenient storage trailer rentals. We have all common sizes in stock and available for your storage needs. Let us know when you need the trailer, and we will drop it off for you. This is an ideal option for local contractors in need of extra space to store equipment.

Get your storage rental today by calling 904-410-0198